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What makes us unique

  • Excellence: We cover all our customers’ requirements and a little bit more. Customers come first.
  • Personalized Services: We work together with you and /or your company’s Human Resources department to achieve your personal and business objectives and encourage customer satisfaction.
  • Detailed explanation of the entire Relocation process for our corporate clients and families.
  • Special care of ethical standards on all our services. At SPR Relocation Services we apply the Standard of Business conduct.
    Our code of ethics implies;
    1. Transparency with all the activities we do with our client
    2. To defend our client interests
    3. To anticipate any potential problem and advise our client in advance looking for the most suitable solution for them
    4. Promise only what we can achieve
    5. Provide fluent and timely communication in everything that we do
  • Quality Service: We provide professionalism and confidentiality in all our services.
  • Solid relationship with our client: We establish a close relationship with our clients and a follow up after the service has been delivered.
  • Shared Information: When we have some relevant information we consider could benefit you, we share it with you.