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SPR Customers Testimonials


When we were transferred from the United States to Spain, SPR Relocation helped to make the transition so much easier for us. Having a Relocation expert to assist us in looking for a house, a school, filing papers, opening a bank account, or a hundred other little questions was invaluable.

One of the things that I like the most about SPR Relocation is they never come to you with a problem, only with solutions. I cannot imagine going through this process without having this service. For me, words will never be able to describe how much SPR Relocation truly helped us.

Melinda, Johnson
From MI, USA


My wife and I recently relocated to Spain (Valencia) from the United States with our 3 children and pets. Our children at the time were 5 yrs, 3.5 yrs and 10 months old. In addition, none of us spoke Spanish at the time.

We moved from the US to Spain for work related reasons. I work for a large automotive supplier with a global footprint and I had the opportunity to take a position in Spain for a few years.

The local human resources department in the United States was as helpful as they could be, however they had very little experience with relocating employees out of the US into a foreign country. From talking to other Ex-pats, I believe this to be a common situation.

SPR Relocation Services was an absolute blessing. The amount of local knowledge of SPR Relocation Services is invaluable. They helped my family with the move entirely.

They assisted by finding us apartments to look at in advance of making the move and coordinating with the movers once we found a place to live. SPR Relocation helped us with finding schools for our children, showing us local places to shop for groceries, clothes, language courses etc...

Basically, anything that we could think of SPR was there to help us with the transition.

I would 100% recommend the services offered by SPR Relocation for anyone looking to move.

Sean Perrera
Key Account Manager


Working with SPR Relocation Services has added much value to the Human Resources Department of my company, especially in the area of expatriates. Moving talent in a company is one of the most sensitive issues for a multinational company. We are talking about moving people, sometimes with their families from their home country to a new destination. And in those times, people feel vulnerable, fearful, expectant.

The company is afraid that the expat and family members do not adapt well to the host country and the challenges of their new life. That is why we count on professionals that ensure the success of the Relocation processes of our expatriates, supporting companies and individuals in everything they need is a distinguishing feature of the company " Best in class ".

I highly recommend having good relocation services to ensure the best adaptation of our expatriates to their new professional challenges and their families in the new country assigned. SPR Relocation Services is a very good option that adds high value to our responsibilities as HR managers. "

Nuria Pérez Millán - HR Manager Europe
SRG Global


"I am in your debt. Thanks so much for all your help with the move and the general and moral support you have provided throughout. I have been very lucky to have come across some great contacts during this particular move and you are certainly being counted amongst those as people who make things happen. You were outstanding and continue to be, with any problem which arises. I greatly appreciate the work you have done. If I ever need anything, I will not hesitate to use your services again. Your services were excellent from the start and not yet finished, as you continue to be a great support"

Nickie Wilkes
Moved from UK to Valencia 2011 to work on a private yacht


Our experience with SPR went really well, not only for the options presented but also for support in finding an apartment for rent and finding the most suitable school according to our needs in a short period of time (just 1 month before starting the course).

Best of all, was the treatment received from SPR Relocation; we received personalized service. They analyzed our personal needs and then provided us with the best solution.

Oscar Cohen

+ 34 676 575 122 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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