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Services tailored to your needs

Because every customer has different needs and every move is unique, SPR consulting starts with a tailored approach, paying specific attention to details and satisfaction.making sure the special needs of each client are met.

Language Training

Effective Language learning

For many clients, learning the language spoken in the new country is crucial to their social and business success.

We offer language courses that meet the distinctive needs and schedules of assignees and their families:

  • Groups
  • Personal tutoring
  • In company training
  • Daily programs
  • Online training
  • Intensive "immersion" courses

Children language-learning programs. Children pick up foreign languages easily. However, learning a language becomes harder for older expat children. Their academic curriculum will be more difficult as the local language is a requirement for the students to be fluent and become advanced speakers of the language spoken in the country.

SPR Relocation services provides private lessons or group classes to expat children (infants, preschoolers, teenagers and adults), supporting them with their homework and any language barriers in order to ensure their academic success.


Cross Cultural–Programs

Facing the cultural differences between home and host destination

The key to enhanced job performance and good customer relations might be hidden within the organization’s current workforce. Improving both organizational success and team performance through cross-cultural training is a leadership tool that supervisors and managers often overlook. The benefits of cross-cultural training may far outweigh other methods that employers use to enhance team performance, sales and the all-important customer satisfaction.

SPR offers personalized cross - cultural training according to the specific needs of the expatriate and the host country. In addition, we offer a basic tutorial on different cultures and lifestyles thus decreasing the risk of any misunderstandings and poorly badly managed expectations. This basic understanding helps the expat and the family use the cultural differences between home and the host destination to advantage.

Our cross–cultural programs focus on communication techniques, behavior adaptation, Host Country Information and orientation and standards of business conduct, all of which enable our clients to recognize and learn their cultural differences and, thus, maximize performance.

One of the factors related to under-performance in international assignments is the inability that transferee's family members often exhibit in adjusting to the culture of the host country. Our programs are tailored to individual requirements whether single or married, with or without children.

In addition, we offer destination and children briefing sessions where we guide and give practical information on the new locations and prepare young family members for the change in lifestyle.


Dual Program Training

Spouse program

SPR Relocation offers a program to assist spouses in finding a job and/or building a career in the hosting country and to help them in any other learning program requested. We will help your spouse during the entire process from job search to updating their resume and making any necessary changes to meet the standards of the new destination, explaining the way the recruitment market works etc...


Cultural & city orientation Tours

Getting to know the city, its history and traditions can make the adjustment process easier. SPR Relocation Services organizes personalized tours with experts in the field who will answer your questions, guiding you through the city and providing you with interesting information about your new surroundings.


Events & Team Building activities

We cooperate with leading companies to deliver fun corporate themed events, conferences, evening events and special activities based on the customer requirements. Such activities are designed to promote teamwork and creativity, teach leadership skills and improve performance and customer satisfaction.



For additional information on any of our programs or training please contact us.

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