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Tailor-made Services

SPR Relocation Services offers a broad selection of effective relocation services to achieve an easy transition. Our customers can use all our services or pick and choose those wich best meet their needs .We know first hand the "ins amd outs" of national and international transfers. And we deliver a better experience.

Our main Relocation Services:

First contact with our customers

Initial personal profile and needs assessment

Our Expat consultants are experienced travel specialists who give the customer (corporate or individual) an overview of our services and a realistic picture of what to expect during the entire relocation process.

If requested, SPR Relocation can book the flights and travel arrangements required before traveling to the destination country.

SPR Relocation generally recommends that those about to move overseas first visit the assigned city (pre–assignment orientation visit) before authorizing the relocation assignment.


Pre–assignment orientation visit

Our local relocation consultants will be available to answer any questions and concerns of the transferee.

On your SPR Relocation orientation tour, you will get an overview of what to expect when moving to the prospective city, local knowledge and a realistic understanding regarding daily life, traditions, culture housing, schooling, cost of living, weather, etc...

Your city orientation will familiarize you with:

  • Suitable areas for living, local community facilities, and the public transportation system
  • Information about local real estate market polices and practices (tenant obligations and rights)
  • Supermarkets, malls, shopping centers, schools, local spots
  • Hospitals, medical services, health facilities, locations, health insurance, tax registration and other insurances
  • Support on local banking services including opening an account and other bank transactions if needed


Temporary living accomodations

According to the transferee’s requirements such as family, budget, work location etc. SPR Relocation arranges temporary accommodations for both international/expats and national clients in their new destination for the period of time required and in accordance with client company policy. SPR Relocation services works closely with selected real estate agencies ensuring suitability comfort, quality and optimum location in all the properties. Confirmation and reservations are completed and all parties involved are informed when the accommodations are booked.

Complementary services; groceries can be ordered to be delivered and stored in the temporary housing; cleaning services can be arranged prior to arrival; and any number of additional services can be requested.


Finding your home

Prior to the client's arrival, our specialized consultants will make contact with the transferee to provide the following:

  • Arrange an interview and send a questionnaire to determine the exact housing requirements and preferences.
  • Based on the data collected, SPR Relocation prepares a list of properties and sends the details to the client (including pictures) via email.
  • Clients receive a detailed agenda with the scheduled visits to the selected properties.
  • Our relocation consultants accompany the client to all properties and acts as liaison/interpreter (if required), with the agents and property owners.


Home management

  • Negotiation, revision and signing of lease/sale contracts
  • Summary of all contractual obligations and rights
  • Inspection to ensure all installations are complete
  • Inventory of contents on the premises
  • Connection of services (electric, water, gas, phone and internet)
  • Opening of bank account
  • Dedicated assistance phone line available to all clients
  • Furniture selection
  • Follow up on deliveries, furniture set up and installation
  • Follow up on furniture. Pick up (if required)
  • Moving services


Finding Schools

“ Happy children make happy parents “

Relocating to another country with children and selecting the best school for the children is one of the top concerns of our customers. We offer expertise from years of experience and special assistance by showing the client the available schools based on their curriculum requirements, languages and possibilities of placement.

SPR Relocation services has extensive experience with the following: identifying appropriate types of schools (international, private and public), coordinating appointments with school directors, assisting with filling out required paperwork for school admissions, following up on the admissions process, providing guidance and translation services and supporting mom and dad through registration process.


Exit / Repatriation program

  • Termination of lease contract
  • Home sale assistance
  • Inventory of property content and premises inspection
  • Disconnection of services (electric, water, gas, telephone and internet)


SPR Relocation Services“ A la carte “

Our services can be tailored for

  • Singles
  • Couples without children
  • Couples with children / with or without pets
  • “Basic “ Relocation Package
  • “Tailor made“ Package

SPR Relocation also offers assistance to employees and family members prior the departure to the country of expatriation.


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